The Indian Grapes are specially known for its variety, size & delicious taste. Grape is one of the important fruit grown in India which covers an area of ??1.23 Mn Hectares of area. India is also one of the major exporter of fresh seedless Grapes to the world. The region from which we export  fresh Grapes  has got good soil structure, favorable weather & climatic condition with ample of fresh water which promote to grow  fresh produce  which is best in quality, taste & nutritional value.


Proximity to the nearest Sea port & Airport allows us to deliver the product maintaining its freshness, color & taste to different countries of the world. As a leading  exporter  from  India  we are highly active in the exports of  fresh seedless grapes  from Nashik (Nasik), Sangli & some parts of Maharashtra & Karnataka with a great variety and color. We are working closely with the farmers and with various Farmers Producing Organizations (FPO’s) thus we are capable of handling bulk orders. Our firm is highly dedicated, motivated & committed to fulfil our clients requirement with care & responsibility.

Indian Grapes season starts from December& it continues till April. Grapes are hygienically packed in pouches / Punnets which are enclosed within polythene bag & is kept in corrugated box. We also use Grape guard (Ethylene absorber) to prevent over ripening. Our professional experts ensure that the Grapes packaged are hygienic & in best condition.

Product   :  Grapes

Variety    : Thompson seedless, Sonaka seedless, Sharad seedless, Flame and Jumbo variety.

Specifications : –

Color Fresh White & Black
Sweetness 16  Brix
Net Weight 4.5Kg / 5Kg / 8.2Kg
Packaging Type Pouch / Punnet
Packing Material Cartoon / Thermocol Boxes
Storage temperature 0 – 1 C
Availability December – April

     Health Benefits : 

  •  Grapes are rich in nutrients and Vitamin K and C
  •  It contains antioxidant contains which find again and chronic diseases
  •  Grape health in preventing our body from Diabetes
  •  It is very beneficial for normal heart function


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