SOYBEANS – Healthy Meals and Biofuels – Uses Across Industries

Soy is a popular legume of Asian origin. Soybeans are healthful and rich in protein, giving them numerous nutritional uses. People can eat them, drink them in milk alternatives, and take them in the form of supplements. Soybeans are a high-protein plant food that people can prepare and eat in a variety of ways. They […]

Peanuts Harvesting Seasons: A guide to learn when and where to source peanuts.

Peanuts, same as beans and peas, are members of the legume family. Peanut harvest time is 90 to 110 days after planting for boiling types and 130 to 150 days after planting for roasting varieties (source). Peanuts may be cultivated once or twice (depending on region) to control broadleaf weeds and grasses. Under the perfect […]